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FAZIOLI took part in the fourth edition of CREMONA PIANOFORTE.
From 26 to 28 September 2014, FAZIOLI was present at the exhibition in Cremona dedicated to the piano world, with two unmissable events: Roberto Plano and Alessandro Taverna are the "piano champions" who have performed on the concert grand F278 in the Monteverdi hall.


Also for the 2014 edition, FAZIOLI pianos were present at the famous exhibition in Cremona dedicated to high craftsmanship musical instruments. In the area of 64 square meters dedicated to the prestigious Italian manufacturer, visitors were able to enter the FAZIOLI world not only by approaching the models on display but also enjoying the proposals of events specifically organized for the fair.

At the FAZIOLI booth at CREMONA PIANOFORTE, visitors could admire two of the top models of the collection, conceived for the professional market. In particular, it was exhibited a piano model F228 (cm 228 lenght), whose dynamic characteristics and mechanical properties are very close to those of the larger F278. His bass register, very deep and powerful, makes of it an instrument particularly suitable for medium-sized concert halls. Also, for its tonal richness and flexibility this piano is an ideal companion for chamber music. At his side, it was shown a F278 concert grand piano, provided with a majestic presence of sound and exceptional bass-treble balance, large dynamic range and rich harmonics. This is the standar size for large concert halls and recording studios, for both solo and orchestras performances.

From the FAZIOLI Showroom in Milan, the FAZIOLI piano F278 "number 2000" reached Cremona to be used for the events. This is a piano used in the Milan area for important concerts as well as piano competitions in Italy, earning each time the appraisal of artists and audience. Roberto Plano and Alessandro Taverna were applauded in Sala Monteverdi for their masterful interpretations on this instrument.

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