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The Fazioli collection on exhibition
JULY 8th – 17th || PERUGIA, Hotel Brufani _ Sala Raffaello || 10.00-13.00 _ 15.00-20.00


Fazioli pianos have been used at Umbria Jazz (Italy), one of the most renowned jazz festivals in the world, since 1997.
For the 2016 summer edition, thus repeating a successful experience first had in 2008, FAZIOLI wants to put a spotlight on its time-proven partnership with Umbria Jazz by exhibiting its celebrated instruments in an exclusive meeting point in Perugia.
From 8th to 17th July, at the Hotel Brufani (Raffaello Hall), jazz artists, professionals in the music industry and piano amateurs coming from all over the world to attend the Festival, will have the chance to admire and try out some new prestigious instruments coming from the piano factory in Sacile (60 km far from Venice), as well as book a private trial time on the pianos at the FAZIOLI point or watch the short documentary film about the genesis of a FAZIOLI grand piano.

Beyond the standard instruments, in particular the models F183 (183 cm of length), F212 (212 cm of length), F228 (228 cm of length) and the concert grand F278 (278 cm of length) - the same model on stage at the major venues of Umbria Jazz, the showcase includes “ARIA”, the latest creation among the innovative design pianos made by FAZIOLI.  

ARIA is a futuristic piano, engineered and built at the FAZIOLI piano factory  in Sacile, Italy, starting from the French designer Philippe Gendre (NYT Lyne)'s concept. The design evokes feather-light, airy flight. A sound sculpture that takes on a living form, free from any sense of weight or inertia. «The original visual idea is inspired by a symbolic figure», says designer Philippe Gendre «a bird opening up its left wing, keeping its right wing close to its body, just before taking off in full flight.».  The sense of lightness in the flight is increased by the intense dark blue colour and the vivid silver of the aluminum that recall the colour of the sky.
Shapes and colours blend into one another to form a single, dynamic whole that recalls the design of a wave, the silhouette of a fish and the flight of a bird. Upon Mr. Paolo Fazioli, Founder and President of the renowned Piano Company "Aria's asymmetrical shape is striking and distinguishes every angle, each one different from the other, triggering creating a game of “tidy disorder”. The piano with its single support creates sustained, dilated acoustics which extend beyond the traditional duration. The low notes reach an unprecedented depth and fullness thanks to the conformation of the basement. Aria has a dual vocation: it decorates majestic, prestigious venues, being naturally suited to yachts, boats, palaces, hotels and concert halls.

FAZIOLI pianos made their first appearance at Umbria Jazz in 1997. At the end of the Nineties, this brand was already renowned among experts worldwide, but not so frequently seen in the jazz music scene yet. On that very first occasion, for many pianists it was love at first sight and the fine Italian instruments soon won unanimous esteem. Martial Solal stated in an interview that he had never played a better piano.
Since then, the partnership with Umbria Jazz has grown more and more.

“Umbria Jazz represents one of the most important chapters in the FAZIOLI history” – Paolo Fazioli, President and founder of the Fazioli Company, says – “Many jazz musicians nowadays consider our instruments as a source of inspiration, and for this reason they love playing them. As one of the most important events in the world jazz scene, Umbria Jazz has represented a great opportunity for us to draw the attention of a huge number of jazz artists to our pianos. I am proud to state that this is the 20th year of uninterrupted collaboration between our brand and Umbria Jazz!”.
Many are the stars who have enjoyed FAZIOLI pianos at Umbria Jazz: Brad Mehldau, Stefano Bollani, Enrico Pieranunzi, Danilo Rea, Michel Camilo, Uri Caine, Gerard Clayton, to mention only a few. Among them, since his positive approach with the instruments at the Festival, Herbie Hancock has requested exclusively Fazioli pianos for his concert tours and recording projects. On the cover of his last album “RIVER – The Joni letters”, the Artist is portrayed close to the so-called “M.Liminal” piano, a special creation that was showcased at Umbria Jazz in 2008. On the occasion of his performance at the Grammy Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles, Hancock imposed a Fazioli grand piano as a must for his participation to the event.  


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