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Maurizio Baglini, Sivlia Chiesa, Corrado Giuffredi

April 24th, 2013 - 8.45 pm

Wednesday , April 24th, 2013


Three protagonists of Italian classical music meet to create an atypical trio where, instead of the more usual violin, beside piano and cello, appears the fascinating and versatile clarinet. One of them is well-known by our audience: winner of the World Music Piano Master of Montecarlo and regular guest of the most prestigious International Festivals, Maurizio Baglini is infact now a familiar as expected presence in our region. With the cellist Silvia Chiesa he forms a stable and very close-knit duo, which in our hall has recently recorded a CD with music by Brahms and Schubert, published by Decca in 2011. Together with Corrado Giuffredi, first soloist clarinet in the Italian Suisse Orchestra, whose major collaborations underline a career marked by an all growing success, Chiesa and Baglini will compete in pages of Beethoven and Rota, ending with the trio in A minor by Brahms, a true masterpiece of the repertoire for this group (group of musician, musical group, trio..).

« Baglini… a spectacular timbral and gymnastic virtuoso, in which the skill of the interpreter is the perfect understanding of the concept »
Classica Musica

«…and suddenly Silvia comes, with the long, miraculous note of a cello that seems to have heat and breath…»
Lorenzo Arruga, Il Giornale

«The merits of the amazing clarinetist Corrado Giuffredi are well known, but at each listen to his always surprising sovereign art, it fascinates, moves, and gives an intense and indefinable pleasure»
Antonio Martinelli

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (Bonn 1770 – Vienna 1827)

Trio n. 4 Op. 11, in Si bemolle maggiore
- Allegro con brio
- Adagio con espressione
- Tema con variazioni

NINO ROTA (Milano 1911 – Roma 1979)

Trio per clarinetto, violoncello e pianoforte (versione originale)
- Allegro
- Andante
- Allegrissimo

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

JOHANNES BRAHMS (Hamburg 1833 – Vienna 1897)

Trio op. 114, in La minore
- Allegro
- Adagio
- Andantino grazioso
- Allegro

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