Fazioli Pianoforti

Stagione 2013 - 2014

Like every year, working on the program of our season ends to be for us a sort of stimulating “synthesis exercise”, having to try to "squeeze" in ten appointments only a nearly endless amount of ideas, desires and needs.
Anyhow, we did not want our Ninth Series to lack of a few basic ingredients: big names, young talent, high-level chamber music and repertoire for more pianos . Thanks to the availability of invitees artists themselves, we are proud to say that we were successful in this ambitious intent.

For the big names, we can rely on nothing less than Louis Lortie and Michel Dalberto, the most celebrated performers of our time, not to mention the amazing cellist Giovanni Sollima partnered with Kathryn Stott.
For chamber music, we count the duo formed by violinist Anna Tifu and pianist Giuseppe Andaloro, as well as the "long-lived" Debussy Trio, in an enlarged ensemble up to quartet and quintet.

Among the rising stars in the piano world, we again looked at the results of the German Piano Award, won in 2012 by the Ukrainian -Canadian Dmitri Levkovich.
In addition, thanks to the suggestion of our valuable dealer in Chicago, artistic director of a major series of concerts in his home town, we have the pleasure of inviting in Sacile Inna Faliks, long celebrated pianist in the U.S. but still unknown to the Italian audience.
The appointment for piano duo is an expectation of our audience that we cannot betray, to the point that the final concert will be entrusted to the charismatic Paola Biondi and Debora Brunialti Duo, but we will go even further, putting on stage three FAZIOLI grand pianos at disposal of Giorgia Tomassi, Carlo Maria Griguoli and Alessandro Stella, usual guests of the Martha Argerich Project in Lugano.

After the positive experience of the last edition, we continue our forays into the repertoire for piano and string orchestra: Roberto Plano and the “Ferruccio Busoni” Chamber Orchestra conducted by Massimo Belli will discover, among other rarities, a little-known composer of the eighteenth century, Andrea Luchesi.

Finally, a nod to our "traditions"; we lose the habit of Wednesday in favor of Friday (with one exception only), but we recover another good custom, so dear to us: the idea of introducing the concerts.
The collaboration with the Department of Music and Performing Arts, University of Udine, coordinated by Roberto Calabretto, will bring students and graduate musicologists to alternate short but effective speeches as "guides" in favor of a more conscious listening. A way for encouraging an even more enjoyable time for our audience.

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