Shells: the latest FAZIOLI short Film

Shells, the latest FAZIOLI short film

The latest short film by FAZIOLI suggests what makes a FAZIOLI piano so special.

The FAZIOLI factory was born out of a challenge: demonstrating that the piano is not an instrument passively anchored to tradition. On the contrary, the company has always assumed that the piano, like any other work of the human intelligence, can and has to be subject to technological development and aesthetical improvement, without betraying the glorious past that wrote its history.

Each instrument is unrepeatable and embodies the Company’s values and vital principles – ethics, quality and creativity - the same that the FAZIOLI piano owners believe to be fundamental in their lives. This concept is clearly emphasized in the latest short film by FAZIOLI, released in the last few hours. The creation of a FAZIOLI piano sounds as ‘wise’ and beautifully complex as a natural process, like the genesis of shells – that’s where the film title comes from – which are shaped by the industrious slowness of the sea waves.

Every Fazioli piano emerges from the great vision of the company's founder combined with the daily commitment of the many skilled and passionate colleagues that form the Fazioli technical team.  Over forty years, the company has succeeded in distilling the best of piano-manufacturing and musical tradition and experience from the last three centuries. This has been analysed with a critical eye, considering the evolving tastes of players and audiences and contributing with innovative solutions that improve the instrument in terms of all aspects of sound quality, playability and durability with optimum performance. Fazioli's range of grand pianos offers all of the characteristics universally recognised as the most advanced and best suited for creation of modern concert pianos: powerful yet expressive sound, balanced and responsive to the pianist's touch, along the entire keyboard.



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