A FAZIOLI gran piano «M Liminal» at the Italian Pavillion to celebrate the beauty and ingenuity at Expo 2020.

The reference to the sea, the beauty and ingenuity celebrated by the Italian Pavilion are translated into the sinuous and innovative shape of the “M Liminal” piano.

Several points in common link the Italian Pavilion of EXPO 2020 to the special FAZIOLI piano which will reside there from October 1st. Built specifically for this occasion in the now legendary Sacile piano factory, M Liminal – this is the name of the futuristic instrument authentically made in Italy – contains above all that ‘reference to the sea and to the cultural heritage common to all the countries bathed by the Mediterranean’ celebrated by the Italian Pavilion’s architectural project. M Liminal’ side shape suggests the profile of a wave, but also that of a boat. The color combinations, the reflections on the surfaces and the use of new materials recall the dazzling mirror of the sunlit waters.
Not only: this exclusive instrument precisely represents that ‘best Italian ingenuity’ the Pavilion intends to pay homage to. In fact, FAZIOLI is distinguished not only by the peculiarity and charm of its own product – grand and concert pianos – but also by the strong specialization and constant scientific research in a field still apparently anchored to tradition. M Liminal’s asymmetrical shapes give life to completely new solutions, demonstrating the manufacturer’s technical skill and the ability to respond with innovation to the stimuli from the world of design.

Fazioli MLiminal

Among the most successful creations in the Fazioli special pianos’ collection, M Liminal also translates the theme “Beauty connects People”, representing a potential hub of aggregation in the exhibition space due to its aesthetic and functional connotations.
Besides, as silver sponsor of the Italian Pavilion, FAZIOLI will provide a classical-shaped semi-concert grand piano model F212 that will be on stage at the events organized by the Italian Pavilion at the Dubai Millennium Amphitheater.
The green soul of FAZIOLI is also in harmony with the principles of EXPO Dubai 2020: since 2011, thanks to the photovoltaic system that covers the production plant, almost half of the energy needs of the factory is obtained from the sun, leading to savings of more than a ton of carbon dioxide emissions for every piano produced. The woods used for handcrafting the instruments come exclusively from certified suppliers who grant to follow an ethical behaviour in forest management. The company has the international quality certification ISO-9001.