Festive Season 2019: May your passion turn into your life

Fazioli Festivity Season Greetings

The traditional Fazioli's Christmas video is released today on the most important digital platforms. In just over a minute the key principle of the Fazioli Company is perfectly told; a principle that works also as a trait d'union among all the collaborators of this Italian excellence: Passion.

It’s thanks to the deep-rooted love for the piano that Paolo Fazioli embarked, at the end of the 1970s, into the unpredictable adventure of creating a new, unique, Italian piano. The same passion that has been leading the Company for almost 40 years is the same you can find among its workpeople: musicians and non-musicians that every day chose to put their passion for music and work at the service of Fazioli Pianos. Workpeople united also by the sense of belonging to the Company, a bond that over the years transformed into Fazioli's added value.

Fazioli wishes, for this festivity season, that everybody could have its same blessing: may your passion turn into your life.


Francesco Guazzoni
Alessandro Pasian

Music played and arranged by
Roberto Plano.



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