Celebrated pianist, Riccardo Schwartz has had the privilege of performing as a soloist with many world-renowned conductors. His acclaimed performances include recitals and concertos for piano and orchestra in prestigious Italian and international concert halls.
He strives to evoke the soul of every composer he plays, focusing on technical perfection, and enlightening the heart of every person listening. Invited by Gustav Kuhn, he is also member of the Accademia di Montegral.


Fazioli’s grand pianos are not possible not be thought about as simple musical instruments. They are an angelic gift that makes possible a deep dialogue with the highest spheres of music.
Their wide, incomparable range of expression goes from the concrete description of human comedy to complete transcendence, always passing from a deep philosophical way of vibrating and sounding.
My video recording of Beethoven’s complete 32 Piano Sonatas, with their unsurpassed range of emotion, has been enriched at the root by this marvellous and almost magical treasure, a glory of modern humanity that will bring new light on the scores of the great masters of music.