2019-03-08 20:45:00

Szymon Nehring is among the most promising of the new Polish generation of artists. The fame of the talented 23-year-old from Krakow has long gone way beyond the boundaries of Europe, appearing in programmes of symphonic seasons and famous festivals not only in the old continent, but also overseas. What launched his career were the prestigious international acknowledgements he was awarded in the course of just a few years: his rise to the top started in 2014, with his winning of the first prize at the “Arthur Rubinstein” Competition in Bydgoszcz as well as the scholarship he was awarded by Krystian Zimerman. In 2015, he was a finalist at the Chopin Competition in Warsaw, where he received an honourable mention and the audience award. In 2017, he reached the highest step of the podium at the Rubinstein Competition in Tel Aviv, where he also won other five special prizes. A student of Boris Berman’s at the Yale School of Music since 2017, since his first multi-award-winning debut CD featuring music by Polish composers, Szymon Nehring has released two albums, one of which includes the two Piano Concertos by Chopin and the Concerto by Krzysztof Penderecki conducted by the composer himself.

All of the Rubinstein competition winners were excellent pianists who later developed into the leading musicians among their colleagues. I sincerely hope that Mr. Nehring soon joins this distinguished pantheon. Based on this recital, we have every right to believe that before long this hope shall be realized.

Roman Markowicz,

FRANZ SCHUBERT (Vienna, 1797 – 1828)  
Sonata n. 16 in la minore, op. 143, D. 784
-    Allegro giusto
-    Andante
-    Allegro vivace

Fantasia in do maggiore “Der Wanderer“, op. 15, D. 760
-    Allegro con fuoco ma non troppo 
-    Adagio
-    Presto
-    Allegro

SERGEJ PROKOF'EV (Soncovka, 1891 – Mosca, 1953)
Sonata in la maggiore n. 6 op. 82
-    Allegro moderato
-    Allegretto
-    Tempo di valzer lentissimo
-    Vivace