Fazioli Pianoforti

Enrico Pace & Igor Roma

March 6th 2013, 8.45pm

Wednesday March 6th, 2013

Enrico Pace
Igor Roma

two pianos

Enrico Pace and Igor Roma have both studied with Franco Scala at Imola Accademy and both won, in different years, the Franz Liszt Competition in Utrecht. For more than ten years they have been closely working together both in the four hands piano repertoire and the one for two pianos or in programmes where they alternate as soloist and piano duo.
They both represents that generation of talented pianist that had gained the highest praises abroad.
Enrico Pace, who is now Teacher at the Academy of Imola, has a long and distinguished career, extraordinary interpretative skills and an excellent virtuosity.
Igor Roma, for whom Holland has become a second homeland, being there his concert career blossomed, distinguishes himself for the great versatility, with a vast repertoire ranging from Bach to Messiaen.
The two artists offer in this occasion some original pages among the most complex and exciting of the repertoire for two pianos.

« You could perceive a single instrument, singing in a breath and proceeded with an organic and dynamic movement, a musical seismograph made with extraordinary precision, in a real arcade of musical tension. »

NRC Handelsblad, 2002

ROBERT SCHUMANN (Zwickau 1810 - Bonn 1856)
Andante e variazioni op. 46, in si bemolle maggiore

JOHANNES BRAHMS (Hamburg 1833 - Vienna 1897)
Variazioni su un tema di Haydn op. 56b, in si bemolle minore

WITOLD LUTOSLAWSKI (Warsaw 1913 - 1994)
Variazioni su un tema di Paganini

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

FRANZ LISZT (Raiding 1811 - Bayreuth 1886)
Concerto Pathetique

SERGEJ RACHMANINOV (Velikij Novgorod, 1873 - Beverly Hills, 1943)
Suite per due pianoforti n. 2, op. 17

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