Piano|fvg - International Piano Competition

piano|fvg competition

Piano|fvg - International Piano Competition of Friuli Venezia Giulia
Sacile - ITALY | May 4th to 11th 2018

FAZIOLI is proud to be the exclusive technical partner for the stage pianos at the Piano FVG Competition.

The Friuli Venezia Giulia International Piano Competition - also called "piano|fvg" - takes place in Sacile, just a few kilometers from the magnificient and astonishing city of  Venice.

The Competition aims to bring together, in the most proactive way, the best artistic and cultural expressions of its territory, while opening up new perspectives in European and international level, to grow and develop young talents in music.

The Age limit for contestants is 32 years. 

Prizes to be awarded:
32.000 euro + concert tour + recording
4 rounds, Final round with orchestra
Jury president:
Dubravka Tomšic Srebotnjak

Secretarial Office of The PianoFVG International Piano Competition - Phone: +39 392 3293266 - Email:  office@pianofvg.eu - website: http://www.pianofvg.eu/en/competition_2018/index.php


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