Multiple award-winning pianist Bojan Z (for Zulfikarpasic) was born in former Yugoslavia in 1968 and grew up in an environment where music was a widespread, daily activity.
Starting classical piano lessons at the age of 5, he found himself in the Belgrade rock scene as a youngster, obtained a scholarship at the age of 18 to study jazz with Clare Fischer in the US, to be awarded ‘Best Young Jazz Musician of Yugoslavia’ a few years later. At the age of 20 he left his hometown and settled in Paris, where he established himself as an inevitable element of the French jazz scene.

Between Fazioli pianos and myself, it was love on first sight, touch and sound. Ever since this “coup de foudre” in 1998, I’m playing them whenever I can, as they’re the only ones who truly realise my sound and my imagination.

Pure poetry and power of excellence, that’s what Fazioli pianos are for me.