For over twenty years she is acknowledged for the curiosity and versatility of her performances and the virtuosity and passion reflected on her extended repertoire. Well-known is the rarity of her recordings. She took part in several original projects that saw her collaborating with Ircam–Centre Pompidou in Paris and Foundation Spinola-Banna. She imposed herself very young on the international scene winning at 17 years old the second prize at the Liszt Competition in Utrecht. Her musical activity has no borders and the spectrum of her collaboration with Orchestras and Directors is considerable. She alongside an intense educational activity to her pianistic career.

Fazioli is Italian excellence that stands for proficiency, passion, intelligence and a lot of creativity. That’s why there are two pianos in my studio and one of these could only be a Fazioli F278: an instrument with a warm and enchanting sound, with a light action that allows me to make and perfect my artistic choices. Therefore, a Ferrari of pianos. And, like a Ferrari, I listen to the evolution that pianos had through the years every time I visit the factory in Sacile. They are constantly evolving, thanks to the curiosity of the engineer Paolo that makes each piano different from the other, with a future-oriented personality, that takes care both of the action and of the crystal clear sound, quality that I love in an instrument.