Fazioli Pianoforti

Season 2014 - 2015

In the past three seasons, the icon of our concert series has been a butterfly, symbol of transformation and freedom, signifying the ability of music to evolve and soar in flight, leading us to explore the wide-open spaces of our own imagination.
Even more vibrant and colorful, pervaded by all shades of the rainbow, is the butterfly that takes us in the direction of the tenth anniversary of the Fazioli Concert Hall. The Hall was inaugurated on April 15, 2005 and a few months later on December 1, Aldo Ciccolini held in baptism the new concert series.
For this milestone we decided to invest significant resources in a program that looks even more colorful and representative of the hallmarks of the season: the character remains that of a multifaceted container of proposals where the piano rises to the dual role of protagonist and guide line.
Not surprisingly, there are as many as six solo recitals. On one hand, there are artists whose names belong indisputably to the history of the piano interpretation, such as those of Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Sergei Babayan. On the other, the most acclaimed witnesses of a new generation make their appearance – Maria Mazo, Evgeni Bozhanov, Boris Giltburg – proving that even the most frequently played music is an inexhaustible ground for interpretive research. We continue to present to our audience also names that are celebrated in other countries, but perhaps less well known in Italy, as is the case with Eliane Rodrigues. Do not miss the usual appointment for two pianos, with the solid couple Roberto Prosseda-Alessandra Ammara, nicely "assisted" by the robot Teo Tronico.
For the chamber music, we have provided an all-Italian and all-female Trio – Francesca Dego, Silvia Chiesa and Mariangela Vacatello – and a young duo, which is already on the crest of a wave: the virtuoso cellist Edgar Moreau joined by Pierre-Yves Hodique. Finally, the influential quintet formed by eclectic pianist Gloria Campaner and the Quartetto di Cremona.
With such an array of proposals, it is a wish for all of us - you might even say a promise - that our performers and their music, concert after concert, will really infuse energy and color. In a word, they will infect us with the vital impulse that only the beauty of Art can convey.

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