FAZIOLI Concert Hall

The FAZIOLI CONCERT HALL mirrors the image of a company devoted not only to the promotion of its own product, but also of the world of art and culture, for which FAZIOLI pianos are made.
The hall, which has been standing next to the FAZIOLI factory since 2004, has 198 seats and 40 additional seats.
Its stage can accommodate musical ensembles right up to the chamber orchestra and it has been designed to ensure the finest acoustic properties.
Indeed, thanks to a series of movable devices – wooden “eyelashes”, wooden panels and sound-absorbing materials -, it is possible to modify the reverberation time of the hall and, consequently, influence the characteristics of the sound environment, obtaining more resonance or more absorption. By virtue of this versatility, the hall lends itself to hosting selections and piano testing – with particular regard to those destined to the largest concert halls, concerts and recordings.


Fazioli / Concerti

The Fazioli Concert Hall season, launched in 2005, has now reached its 13th edition: an important milestone that highlights the continuous and privileged contact of the FAZIOLI Company with the most renowned artists of the international concert scene, as well as the promotion of young artists – a dear aspect for FAZIOLI. Indeed, specifically for the pianists of the new generation FAZIOLI has conceived the new “Winners” concert series, dedicated to the winners of the most renowned piano competitions.
All concerts are open to the public and the season draws a national as well as international audience, with a major positive impact on the local cultural development.


Fazioli / Registrazioni

Recording at the Fazioli Concert Hall is the ideal solution for those looking for a unique environment offering the answer to the most diverse needs:

  • variable acoustics;
  • a high-level piano;
  • a piano tuner at their full disposal;
  • a quiet and professional working environment.

It is foreseen that the artists should work with their trusted sound engineers. Indeed, out of a precise choice, the hall is not equipped with microphones and mixers, since we preferred to create the conditions allowing external sound engineers to install their own equipment in the dedicated control room.
To those who wish it, our offices can suggest sound engineers of proven reputation and experience, with whom artists (or their producers) are asked to maintain direct relations, both in economic and organizational terms.