Mission & Vision

The FAZIOLI factory was born out of a challenge: demonstrating that the piano is not an instrument passively and indissolubly anchored to tradition. On the contrary, the company has always assumed that the piano, like any other work of the human intelligence, can and has to be subject to technological development and aesthetical improvement, without betraying the glorious past that wrote its history. Since the very beginning, FAZIOLI has consistently brought forward its philosophy, which can be summarized in few, however important, points:

  • producing exclusively grand and concert grand pianos, destined to the professional market;
  • excluding any imitation process and pursuing the idea of a FAZIOLI sound inspired by the Italian “Bel Canto”;
  • individually handcrafting each piano (every FAZIOLI instrument is unique), refusing every industrial process;
  • using only the best materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques;
  • constantly carrying on scientific research through an internal “Research and Develoment” department and the collaboration with academic research institutions and external private subjects;
  • meeting the demand of those who wish to acquire a unique and aesthetically fully-customized instrument (Art Case & Home Design collections).

Almost 40 years later, FAZIOLI strongly believes to have carried out this mission coherently, thus inspiring the whole acoustic piano manufacturing sector.