2020-12-18 20:45:00

Piano Jazz is back, in partnership with Controtempo.

In partnership with Piano Jazz 

Intellect, humour, sensitivity, unpredictable ideas and the best art for piano (FAZ). The Finnish pianist Iiro Rantala is just “a phenomenon on the keys” (Jazz thing). For almost twenty years Iiro Rantala conquered the jazz stages in Europe and more, with his anarchic ‘Trio Töykeät’. His debut album with ACT ‘Lost Heroes’ was a game-changer in Rantala music: the savage and out of control energy of early times left space to more melodic, harmonic and elaborate notes, even if Rantala’s with always shines through. And so does his exceptional, classically trained technique. Rantala can combine elements that seemingly contradict each other: he’s both an acclaimed and award-winning artist praised by the critics and, at the same time, he astonishes and attracts a varied audience. He regularly performs in the most important festivals and jazz clubs and the most exclusive classical music halls, solo and as a  leader of many Trios – and also with a complete orchestra.  His musical scope ranges from jazz to classical, to pop and Scandinavian traditional folk music. With much sentiment and melancholy but also with wit and charm. In short: a real boundless modern piano master.

Reservations: www.controtempo.org

Iiro Rantala is going to play his most famous hit records taken from his albums Lost Heroes, My Working Class Hero and My Finnish Calendar, including Tears for Esbjörn, Pekka Pohjola, Woman, Imagine and November, punctuated by his incredible stories.