Steven Isserlis | Olli Mustonen

2018-01-19 20:45:00


Acclaimed soloist and imaginative chamber musician, composer of chamber music for children and author of children books, ancient musical instruments enthusiast and supporter of any new contemporary music trend: these, and many others, are the elements characterizing the multifaceted musical personality of Steven Isserlis, one of the most versatile cellists of our time, as proved by his multi award-winning discography and extensive repertoire. His collaboration and friendship with the brilliant Olli Mustonen, pianist and composer who, according to Isserlis himself, “sees the world through genuinely different eyes”, is nourished by a mutual enrichment generated by the meeting of their respective musical visions, which often go beyond conventional limits, as well as their shared sense of humor. Also in the guise of interpreter and chamber musician, Mustonen filters every note through the spirit of the composer, so much that listening to him is always a unique experience. His music, imbued with great vitality, deeply reflects his inner world and is rooted both in the music of the past, with frequent references to folk motifs, and in the powerful natural beauty of his native Finland!

Steven Isserlis plays the Stradivari cello “Marquis de Corberon (Nelsova)” of 1726, upon kind concessionof the Royal Academy of Music.

It’s fascinating to contemplate these two rather different personalities, coming together in an exquisite harmony, glorifying each other.

Dejan Bozovic, Il Gazzettino

A fascinating Duo.

David Nice,

DMITRIJ ŠOSTAKOVIČ (San Pietroburgo, 1906 – Mosca, 1975)

Sonata per violoncello e pianoforte, in re minore, op. 40
I. Allegro non troppo – II. Allegro – III. Largo – IV. Allegro

DMITRIJ KABALEVSKIJ (San Pietroburgo, 1904 – Mosca, 1987)

Sonata per violoncello e pianoforte, in si bemolle maggiore, op. 71
I. Andante molto sostenuto – II. Allegretto con moto – III. Allegro molto

SERGEJ PROKOF’EV (Soncovka, 1891 – Mosca, 1953)

Ballade, op. 15

OLLI MUSTONEN (Helsinki, 1967)

Sonata per violoncello e pianoforte (2006)
I. Misterioso – II. Andantino – III. Precipitato – IV. Con visione

ROBERT SCHUMANN (Zwickau, 1810 – Endenich, 1856)

Fünf Stücke im Volkston, op. 102
I.    Mit humor
II.    Langsam
III.    Nicht schnell, mit viel Ton zu spielen
IV.    Nicht zu rasch
V.    Stark und markiert

CAMILLE SAINT-SAËNS (Parigi, 1835 – Algeri, 1921)

Sonata per violino e pianoforte n. 1, in re minore, op. 75
I.    Allegro agitato
II.    Adagio
III.    Allegro moderato
IV.    Allegro molto