Fazioli Unboxed

Fazioli Unboxed

Dutch pianist and presenter Christiaa Kuyvenhoven declares all the wonders of Fazioli’s F212 model.

Fazioli Uboxed‘ is among the contents that FAZIOLI has thought for the piano enthusiasts all over the world, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

Premiered on March 29th on the 2021 Piano Day, the short film is a 10-minute long unboxing, created with the expert collaboration of Dutch pianist and presenter Christiaan Kuyvenhoven.

In the scenario of the real Fazioli factory, Christiaan Kuyvenhoven describes the F212 model’s features that impressed him the most of «the ideal piano to have at home».

Showing in detail how the instrument is made is the chance to unveil a few critical steps of FAZIOLI’s production process and meet, with gentle poetry, the artisans of these authentic masterpieces.

The video can be watched on Facebook and YouTube.





Camera: Kasper de Bont
Sound: René Wolf
Mix: Sam Huisman
Idea & concept: Christiaan Kuyvenhoven
Produced by: *Certo