Alexander Lonquich – Colibrì Ensemble

2017-02-10 00:00:00

This orchestra, together with Alexander Lonquich, plays the leading role in the most ambitious project ever taken to the Fazioli Concert Hall, in terms of size of the ensemble. Its name is inspired by an ancient African fairy tale: the small yet brave hummingbird (“colibrì”), determined to do its bit in extinguishing a raging wild fire that is destroying the forest, is symbol of the importance of every single role for the sake of the artistic result and the managing of an orchestra.

In 2013, basing onthis motto and thanks to private support, oboist Andrea Gallo founded the Orchestra da Camera di Pescara (Pescara Chamber Orchestra), involving musicians with solid experience, acquired through their activity at prestigious theatres and orchestras. The ensemble has established a fortunate collaboration with Alexander Lonquich, who always more often carries on the role of conductor as well as of the acclaimed soloist. This collaboration will be soon sealed with an important recording project including Schumann’s Concerto op. 54.

COLIBRÌ ENSEMBLE (Orchestra da camera di Pescara)
ALEXANDER LONQUICH conductor and soloist

« Both as a pianist and as a conductor, Lonquich has created something
sensational: his charismatic musicality and his evocative personality
have elevated musicians and audience to a superior sphere –
the mysterious realm of music. »
Harmonia Humana

« An extraordinary project, a very promising ensemble. I notice
a strong desire to create something. We are working together on
very difficult music and I see how quickly problems are solved...
I find this is really remarkable.
It truly is a “fairy tale”, the fact that such an ensemble
could originate from a private initiative. »
Alexander Lonquich sul Colibrì Ensemble (from a video-interview recorded in January 2015)

ROBERT SCHUMANN (Zwickau, 1810 - Endenich, 1856)

Introduzione e Allegro in re minore per pianoforte e orchestra, op. 134

  • Introduzione. Ziemlich langsam
  • Allegro. Lebhaft

NORBERT BURGMÜLLER (Düsseldorf, 1810 - Aachen, 1836)

Sinfonia n. 2 in re maggiore, op. 11

  • Allegro moderato
  • Andante
  • Scherzo. Presto

ROBERT SCHUMANN (Zwickau, 1810 - Endenich, 1856)

Ouvertüre in si minore per "Hermann und Dorothea" di Wolfgang von Goethe, op. 136

  • Massig

Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra in la minore, op. 54

  • Allegro affettuoso. Andante espressivo. Allegro
  • Intermezzo. Andantino grazioso
  • Allegro vivace