Kenneth Broberg

2018-02-16 08:45:00

He had already put himself in the limelight thanks to his fortunate appearances at the competitions of Hastings, Seattle, New Orleans and Sydney, where he was among the finalists. However, it was the silver medal won at the Van Cliburn Competition in June 2017, that had the international press put the spotlight on the 23-year-old Kenneth Broberg from Minneapolis. As a child, he was so fascinated by that upright piano that no one in the house would play, that the family soon decided to have him take music lessons first under Dr. Joseph Zins and then at the Houston’s Moores School of Music, where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree under the guidance of Nancy Weems in 2016. Passionate about sport and jazz music, as well as an avid reader, Broberg is currently living in Missouri, where he is studying under Stanislav Loudentich at Park University. His way of playing is memorable thanks to the creative shaping of the motifs, the emphatic way he shapes the innermost voices and the incessant sense of ascent he confers to his performances. As a soloist, he is very much sought-after both in the United States and in Europe. He has recorded for the Australian broadcasting stations NPR and ABC and many of his performances have been included in the CDs of the 2016 Sydney Competition released by Universal Music.

He drew the audience in and didn’t let go until the last quiet note.

Culture Spot, Los Angeles

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH  (Eisenach, 1685 – Lipsia, 1750)

Toccata in do minore, BWV 911

FRANZ SCHUBERT (Vienna, 1797 - 1828)

4 Improvvisi, D. 899 / op. 90
n. 1 in do minore, Allegro molto moderato
n. 2 in mi bemolle maggiore, Allegro
n. 3 in sol bemolle maggiore, Andante
n. 4 in la bemolle maggiore, Allegretto

CÉSAR FRANCK (Liegie, 1822 – Parigi, 1890)

Prelude, Fugue, et Variation, op. 18
(trascrizione per pianoforte di Harold Bauer)

NIKOLAI MEDTNER (Mosca, 1880 – Londra, 1951)

Sonata per pianoforte in mi minore, op. 25 n. 2 "Night Wind"
Introduzione: Andante – Allegro
Allegro molto sfrenatamente, presto