Warner Music Italy has released « HOME », recorded by Gloria Campaner on FAZIOLI

Music by R. Schumann

-Warner Music Italy-

Gloria Campaner
Orchestra Filarmonica della Fenice
John Axelrod



On November, 23rd Warner Music Italy will release « HOME » by Gloria Campaner including the famous Kinderszenen and the Piano Concerto in A minor Op. 54 by Schumann, the latter recorded on the occasion of Gloria’s recent Debut at the prestigious Teatro La Fenice in Venice on a Fazioli concert grand, with the Orchestra Filarmonica della Fenice conducted by John Axelrod.

This is how the pianist describes her latest recording project: « In a way this album tells a story of my life, my dreams, my childhood scenes set in the Venetian inlands where I was born and grew up.  It had been always my dream to perform my favorite Schumann Piano Concerto in A minor at La Fenice Opera House, to be on that stage after being on the other side, in the audience where I used to sit as a child with my family.  So I decided to put my memories and wishes into this little ‘music box’ and everything that would remind me of my home: the orchestra I used to listen to; a Fazioli piano, built just a few kilometers away; a great conductor friend who just recently made his ‘home’ in Venice and two masterworks by my favorite composer Robert Schumann. »

The album is available for pre-orded on Amazon.

You can watch the Official Trailer on YouTube.