Daniel Petrica Ciobanu

2016-11-04 00:00:00

He completed his studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland within a few months and, soon after that, earned his master’s degree in piano performance at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris “Alfred Cortot”.

Even more than for his exams passed in so little time and the long series of international piano competitions where he distinguished himself, Daniel Petrica Ciobanu especially strikes for his histrionic and creative musical personality, capable of deep yet refined meditations. Therefore, the fact that he was noticed by Lang Lang in 2001 and invited to perform at the Royal Festival Hall isn’t surprising at all.

In 2014, on the occasion of a private event taking place at the Fazioli Concert Hall, Ciobanu, who performed among other talented students from prestigious institutions, made an indelible impression on us. This time he is therefore invited to open our concert season, after winning the “UNISA International Piano Competition” in Pretoria, South Africa and the Sheepdrove Piano Competition between the 8 Royal Conservatoires in the UK.

« The Rumanian Daniel Petrica Ciobanu, 23 years old, an extraterrestrial among the competitors * - rocker attire and hair tied in a bun - is above all an inspired musician, a colorist, a bewitching inventor… »
Martine Dumont-Mergeay (*referring to the 2014 André Dumortier Competition, NdT)

JEAN-PHILIPPE RAMEAU (Digione, 1683 - Parigi, 1764)

  • Les Tendres Plaintes. Rondeau (da Pièces de clavecin: Suite in re maggiore)
  • Les Sauvages (da Nouvelles suites de pièces de clavecin: Suite in sol maggiore)
  • Les Cyclopes. Rondeau (da Pièces de clavecin: Suite in re maggiore)

MODEST PETROVIČ MUSORGSKIJ (Karevo, 1839 - San Pietroburgo, 1881)
Quadri da un'esposizione - Ricordo di Viktor Hartmann

I. Lo gnomo

II. Il vecchio castello

III. Tuileries (Litigio di fanciulli dopo il gioco)
IV. Bydło

V. Balletto dei pulcini nei loro gusci
VI. Samuel Goldenberg e Schmuÿle

VII. Limoges, il mercato (La grande notizia)
VIII. Catacombe (Sepolcro romano) - Cum mortuis in lingua mortua
IX. La capanna sulle zampe di gallina (Baba Jaga)
X. La grande porta (Nella capitale Kiev)

FRYDERYK CHOPIN (Żelazowa Wola, 1810 - Parigi, 1849)
Polacca-Fantasia in la bemolle maggiore, op. 61

MAURICE RAVEL (Ciboure, 1875 - Parigi, 1937)
La Valse

FRYDERYK CHOPIN (Żelazowa Wola, 1810 - Parigi, 1849)
Andante Spianato e Grande Polonaise Brillante in mi bemolle maggiore, op. 22