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Drama without words: operatic paraphrases for piano

By Goran Filipec

A brilliant virtuoso with an imaginative vivaciousness, he can both thrill his audience and enchant them with his rare sensitivity. A profound connoisseur of the works of Franz Liszt, Goran Filipec supports the subjectivity of interpretation as an act of co-creation of the musical work, so much so that he often merges his own arrangements and adaptations with the reading of the original. Dedicated to research on 19th and 20th century piano practices, he boasts a joint doctorate in Music, Research and Interpretation from the Sorbonne University and the National Conservatory of Paris. His recordings for Naxos have garnered the highest critical accolades. After training in his native Croatia, he continued his studies at the Moscow Conservatory with Natalia Trull, in Italy with Ozana Yablonskaya and in The Hague with Naum Grubert. He is co-founder of the Société Franz Liszt of Geneva.

A great pianist: artist, architect and acrobat.

(Raiding, 1811 – Bayreuth, 1886)

da Opere di 

(Roncole, Busseto, 1813 – Milano 1901)

Salve Maria! dall’opera ‘I Lombardi alla prima crociata’, S.431

Reminiscenze di Boccanegra, S.438

Ernani, parafrasi da concerto, S.432

Miserere dal Trovatore, S.433

Rigoletto, parafrasi da concerto, S.434


(Raiding, 1811 – Bayreuth, 1886)

da Opere di 

(Catania, 1801 – Puteaux, 1835)

Fantasia sui motivi favoriti dall’opera ‘La sonnambula’, S.393/3

Reminiscenze della Norma, S.394