The name of the grand pianos manufactured in Sacile is recognized among the most famous Italian brands in the world.

FAZIOLI, a leading company in the construction of grand and concert pianos for the professional market, has recently become a member of Altagamma. The Foundation, since 1992, has brought together the best companies that promote excellence, Italian uniqueness and lifestyle.

With this membership, FAZIOLI sees recognition not only of the value of its precious pianos, which in forty years of history have managed to conquer the most influential artists and stages in the world, but also the increasingly strong identity of its brand, which today stands out alongside names such as Bulgari, Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi, Ferrari, Gucci, Lamborghini, Maserati, Missoni, Valentino, Versace, to name just a few.

Today there are 114 Altagamma members, distributed in various sectors, among which fashion, design, jewellery, food, hospitality, speed and wellness stand out. From this point of view, due to the high specificity of its product, Fazioli clearly represents a unicum. The members are joined by 24 partners of the Foundation, including consultancy firms, retailers and media groups.

Together with these excellences, through the Altagamma initiatives, FAZIOLI will contribute to the development of projects aimed at the growth and competitiveness of companies in the Italian cultural and creative industry.

FAZIOLI was born out of a challenge: to demonstrate that the piano is not an instrument passively and indissolubly anchored to tradition. Everything started from the assumption that the piano, like any other work of human ingenuity, can and must be subject to technical-scientific evolution without this constituting a betrayal of that glorious past that wrote its history.

FONDAZIONE ALTAGAMMA has been bringing together since 1992 the best companies of the High Cultural and Creative Industry that promote excellence, uniqueness and the Italian lifestyle throughout the world. Unique in its transversality, Altagamma welcomes 114 brands from the seven sectors of fashion, design, jewellery, food, hospitality, motors and boating. Altagamma’s mission is to contribute to the growth and competitiveness of companies in the Italian cultural and creative industry, thus also offering a contribution to the country’s economic development. The high-end sector represents a 144 billion euro industry in Italy. It provides a contribution to the GDP of 7.4%, a percentage that rises to 18.4% considering the total of the reference supply chains. The export share is around 50%. It involves 1,922,000 direct and indirect employees, equal to 8.2% of Italian employment. www.altagamma.it.