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Aquiles delle Vigne

Dear Paolo Fazioli, I wish to thank you for the magnificent instrument you provided
for my recital at the Rimini - Misano Festival this summer.
After a concert tour in Spain, Salisburg and France I have communicated to the presenters
that your instrument was the very best of the entire concert tour. The piano’s character
is what I truly love. This piano is different from its great competitors. You know better than I,
that in our profession what really count is the personality, since “everybody can play the piano”.

Eliane Rodrigues

Dear Mr. Paolo Fazioli, I want to express my admiration not only for the unique work
you are doing with pianos but also for your determination to ever further refine
your instruments. Playing your piano, I have the feeling that I have a larger vocabulary
and grammar at my disposal when I converse with my audience.
Best regards,

(Sacile 1998)

Garrick Ohlsson

To Paolo Fazioli, This has been a glorious first concert experience for me
on your wonderful piano. My biggest compliments and congratulations! Thank you!

(Salt Lake City Abravanel Hall 1996)

Elisabeth Leonskaja

What a joy to witness the deep love for music, for the instrument and for the most
precise craftsmanship. Thank you and best wishes for a great success,

(Sacile 1996)

Geoffrey Tozer

Your most beautiful piano is going to bring loveliness and beauty to Australia. So, every pianist
who has signed this book will know there is a marvellous instrument waiting for them - one of the best.

(Sydney Town Hall 1994)

Olli Mustonen

Thank you for a wonderfully interesting visit to your factory, the birthplace of my dear piano!
All the best,

(Sacile 1994)

France Clidat

…”My piano is the vessel for the sailman, is the horse for the knight” that’s what Liszt used to write…
What can I say in front of an instrument full of the colors and intimacies of a dream?
The wave of a dream and the precision of algebra. Touching memories from Monfalcone and your festival.

(Sacile 1993)

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